Friday, April 11, 2008

Where in the world am I?

Here is a picture and some clues.

  • Pristine landscaping, crashing waves, white sandy beaches
  • A planned tourist location ‘created’ in the 1960s
  • I did research for my undergraduate thesis (Romancing the Maya) here; well, I did some research and lots of tomando el sol (taking in the sun)
  • I can always take a quick trip here; it’s my chicken soup, err tequila, for the soul
  • Hola Paco. Donde esta Plaza Kukalcan y Mercado 28?


  1. Can you even believe that they are calling for 3 inches of snow in the fox river valley tonight? I am so tired of winter and long for the warm sun and a beach....:) Hope it is not snowing where you are!

    Love and stuff.....

    Jeffery James Romenesko

  2. Nice toes! did Chuck paint those for you?