Sunday, March 30, 2008

Temporarily Homeless

The clock is right again. Denmark observed Daylight Savings last night, so the Midwest is back to being 7 hours behind DK. Half of the CH Romenesko duo is in Denmark and I'll be leaving in a few weeks. We had a bit of a setback with moving into the house. Chuck is staying in a hotel for the next few weeks until we move in on April 12.

I'm technically homeless right now. We moved out of the Janesville condo in the midst of a snow storm. Cold, windy, and snowy....what a way to leave the COJ. I'm hanging out in Green Bay with my parents and my sister and her husband. I'm heading to the Caribbean this upcoming weekend until the big move to Denmark. With the delayed move-in date, I thought I'd take advantage of some Mexican sun, Spanish, and bubba-lu.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where in the World are We Roamin' to Now?

Here's a little game we're going to play, kind of like where in the world is Matt Lauer....except it's...Where in the World are We Roamin'?

Below is a photo and some clues. Keep guessing and check back later for the answer.

  • Miles and miles of low hanging fruit.

  • Mustard flowers dots the countryside in March.

  • Varieties include sweet, dessert, ice, red, white.

  • Sizes include nebuchenezzer, magnum, balthazar.

  • Each year, one plant produces 20-30 glasses.

  • A 5 oz glass includes .5 pounds of fruit.

  • When driving winding and hilly roads, have a designated driver.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chicago - Denmark Clock is off by 1 hour until March 30

In the US Government's infinite wisdom to change Daylight Savings Time up 3 weeks (and be different from the rest of the world), my clocks on the lower right will be off a bit until the rest of the world changes. So, right now Denmark is only 6 hours ahead and not 7 hours. Denmark will revert back to the 7 hours ahead on March 30th.

Bugs and Drugs

Finally, the sick germs have left the building. It's been 3 weeks of bugs and drugs. Actually, I've been sick since Christmas and the hacking cough that never really left. 5 different sets of drugs and 8 boxes of tissues later and no more sickness!