Saturday, April 20, 2013

Anniversary weekend getaway to Chicago

We love living in the greater Chicago region.  A trip into downtown Chicago is easy, well, unless we're in road construction season, then it's a bit more challenging.

For our 17th wedding anniversary, I know, gasp 17 years, you must have been babies when you were married, blah, blah, blah, blah...we decided to go to Chicago for the weekend.  Because our anniversary is in April, the weather is always hit or miss, and this time it was a bit overcast with a mix of flurries/cold rain!

We stayed at the gorgeous Palmer hotel.  As always, Hilton took care of us and we had a spectacular room. Our tour of Chicago included shopping on Michigan Avenue aka the Magnificent Mile, seeing the Bean in Millennium Park and taking the typical reflection photos, a few museums, lunch at Bub City and walking around.

A few pictures...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hollywood Beach

Before I embark on my next adventure, I should probably post the "drafts" that have been sitting here for quite some time.

During our trip to Miami and the Florida Keys, we decided to head up the coast a bit and check out Hollywood Beach.  After a few days on South Beach, the" barely there" clothes (do I sound like a prude), we decided that maybe heading north would be a better match for us.  Ahhhh, our khaki shorts and polo shirts are a much better fit up here :-)

Hollywood Beach has an amazing boardwalk next to the ocean that runs just over 2 miles.  It's not the traditional wooden boardwalk that you would see in Atlantic City, but it's a nice wide concrete sidewalk that has the beach/ocean on one side and restaurants/shops on the other.