Monday, February 1, 2010

Europe - Still on the list

Europe has so many wonderful places to experience. During our 2 years in Denmark, we have been extremely fortunate to spend time in some amazing cities, take part in great experiences, and even manage to learn a few new languages (well, the basics...please and thank you!)

But, there are several places still on my list...

Seeing the northern lights and midnight sun in northern scandinavia
Hanging out in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Exploring the highlands of Scotland
Spending more time in Ireland (in late spring, early summer)
Drinking my way through wine country in France
Relaxing on a beach in the French and Italian Riviera
Cruising through the Greek isles
Spa-ing in Switzerland, maybe St. Moritz or Lausanne or Zermatt

Maybe on our next European Adventure we can explore all of these great places!