Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Western Denmark

This past weekend, we decided to spend a few days in western Denmark. We left home early Saturday and drove to Ribe, Denmark. The slideshow is posted.

The highlights:

  • Ribe (Ripen in German) is the oldest surviving city in Denmark
  • Great cobblestone pedestrian area lined with boutique shops and restaurants
  • Viking center is a quaint museum that tells the story of how Ribe was founded in the 700s and then the progress the city has made in the past 1300 years.
  • Ribe Kunst Art Museum includes Danish art from 1750-1950.
  • Ribe Domkirke (cathedral) is prominently located in the center of town. It dates back to the late 1100/early 1200s and has a turet that you can climb to get an aerial view of the town and the surrounding area
  • Walked around the old site of the King's castle; property surrounded by moat, but castle is long gone.
  • Stayed at Hotel Dagmar, which is the oldest hotel in the oldest city in Denmark

On Sunday morning we drove to the island of Rømø. Family and friends know that I refer to visits to the in-laws as a visit to the Romo Ranch, so when Chuck and I were on the island of Rømø and we happened to see this sign, I almost died of laughter.

I'm sure Rømø is fabulous in the summer time when it is packed with tourists. We were lucky enough to have almost the whole beach area to ourselves. We drove on the packed sand beach, dodging the standing water, then parked and walked along the beach.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I've been tagged by my friend Michelle, whom I met several years ago when we worked together. The rules are to post the 4th picture from the 4th folder. In my Pictures folder, I have folders for: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Baby Lincoln, Berlin.... Here's the 4th picture in Berlin.

In May 2008, Chuck and I were walking down Unter den Linden in Berlin on our way to catch the canal tour. I was ready to take a break from all that walking and as usual my (undiagnosed) attention deficit disorder was getting the best of me as I started to people watch and look at everything except the sidewalk in front of me.

Here was this cute little old man, his music box, and stuffed monkey. I probably should have wandered over and gave him a few Euros for taking his picture, but we were trying to catch the 1:30 tour, so I'll have to catch him next time.

I'm tagging...Emily, Deanna, Erin and Kelli.