Monday, May 7, 2012

Restaurant Review - Beaver Creek Brewery, Flagstaff, AZ

Dang, I'm behind a bit.  It seems I have about 10 draft posts in the queue that need to be finished.  And, now that we've returned from a 10 day road trip down the Mississippi River, I have MORE posts to write.

Without further adieu...

After a long day at the Grand Canyon, we were ready for a break.  Thank goodness for Smartphones.  I found my tripadvisor app and looked for a casual restaurant in the Flagstaff, Arizona area.

Given that my two co-travelers (hubs and German friend, Nils) happen to have this deep affection for beer, I thought the Beaver Creek Brewery would be a good bet.

It was (almost) perfect.  The only hiccup in the experience was the wait.  If you're in a hurry, it's best to save yourself the hassle and just pick a different restaurant.  However, if you have time to sit, relax, chat, and enjoy your day, then make this a stop when in Flagstaff.

We started with the pizza chip appetizer, which was a bit odd.  It's basically triangles of crispy cheese pizza with marinara sauce for dipping.  It was okay, but I wouldn't order it again.  The calypso salad with grilled chicken was fantastic!  The raspberry dressing was great and the chipotle walnuts were an added treat.  Honestly, I'd fly back from the midwest just to have this salad again.  Hubs had the southwest turkey grinder and loved it.  There wasn't a morsel left on any of our plates, so it must have been good!!

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