Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clinton Presidential Library and Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas

Another one of Chuck's picks was the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.  Dare I admit that he actually has really good instincts about good sights to visit?!?!?

The Library is located in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas and was (relatively) easy to get to.  There was a March of Dimes walk/run, so the area was blocked off and Garmin was in a tizzy, but we managed.

There is a pedestrian walk/run/bike bridge that crosses the Arkansas River next to the Library.  After looking at the replica Oval Office, Situation room and reading letters and daily agendas, we walked the bridge and the nature area.

Without inciting a riot (and nasty comments), I'll admit that Clinton (minus his personal transgressions) was one of my favorite U.S. Presidents.  The Library clearly highlights his achievements, specifically as it relates to his economic policies and budget/debt accomplishments.

We should have spent time at the Heifer Village and downtown Little Rock.  Next time.

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