Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tracking George Clooney

Ok, so I didn't exactly go on a tracking expedition in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the ever elusive George Clooney. Come on, people, you should know me by now.

In planning for our 3 week holiday, I asked Chuck what he would like to do. Usually, his answer was, 'it doesn't matter,' or 'whatever you pick is fine.' After some prodding, 'how about a hot air balloon, wine tastings, cooking class, gondola rides, museums...' Nothing.

'How about boating on Lake Como?' There we go; I got a reaction.

We rented a 40hp boat from Rent a Boat in Dongo, Italy for 8 hours (205Euro plus gasoline). Neither one of us has a boating license, so we were limited to renting only a 40hp boat, which was just fine for touling around the lake. I packed us a picnic basket and we were off to explore.
Recommendation: Rent a boat was wonderful. The staff were extremely helpful and the guys at the dock are so nice and friendly. One guy chatted with us a bit and upon our return he said...welcome back Chicago. Skip the Como Lake Boat in Domaso and use Rent a Boat. You won't regret it!

No, I didn't see George Clooney; however I did see his home in Laglio and took a few pictures. Poor guy, he was obviously expected shortly as there was a van with a satellite dish and lots of guys with cameras perched on a big seawall on the north side of his home.
So, without further's his home on Lake Como.

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