Wednesday, August 19, 2009

European Vacation 2009 - slideshows are posted


After sifting through 1,557 pictures, deleting some, cropping out crazy people, and naming the good pictures, I FINALLY finished posting all (most of) the slideshows. The links are listed below or you can also find them under Slideshows on the right.

Note: Each slideshow has about 30-40 pictures. Depending upon your computer speed and internet connection, it may take some time to upload the whole show.

Nuremberg, Germany (Days 1-3)

Venice, Italy (Days 3-7)

Bologna, Italy (Days 7-8)

Florence, Italy (Days 8-11)

Tuscany, Italy (Days 11-16)

Pisa, Italy (Day 16)

Cinque Terre, Italy (Days 16-19)

Lugano, Switzerland and Lake Como, Italy (Days 19-22)

Strasbourg, France (Day 22)

Frankfurt, Germany (Days 22-24)


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  1. Ok, I truly are the PROFESSIONAL TRAVELER! There is no one who can hold a candle to you!