Saturday, November 12, 2011

A 'Dry' Hotel in Tuba City, AZ

And then we were off to Tuba City where we spent the night before continuing on to Monument Valley in southern Utah.

Originally, I wanted to stay at The View hotel in Monument Valley, but they were completely sold out. So, I searched Tripadvisor for a good hotel 'near' Monument Valley and found the Moenkopi in Tuba City. It looked good and received great reviews, so I booked a village suite.

After driving all day (330 miles)....we started in Phoenix, drove the Apache Trail, then headed north to Tuba City...we were pretty weary travelers. I was ready to take off my shoes, order something quick and easy for dinner and relax.

When we arrived at the Moenkopi, I was told the usual, "no smoking, no pets," which is always a "no problem" from me. But then I'm told, "Please initial here. This is a dry hotel. There is to be no alcohol on premise." After driving 7 hours, Chuck was going to be a bit annoyed that this was a dry hotel. How on earth did I miss that in the reviews...or the hotel website? Oh that's right, NOBODY mentioned it. And, in the description of the room it says, "Microwave and refrigerator at wet bar" I guess wet bar in Arizona doesn't mean the same as wet bar in the midwest.

We drove around back and entered through a side door...and unloaded our luggage and styrofoam cooler. It's a good thing I filled that up prior to entering the Hopi Indian Reservation, which ironically is DRY!

As Chuck was cracking open his first beer, I innocently mentioned that he should take his empty containers out, because it was a (whispered) dry hotel. We had a good laugh, but come was I supposed to even begin to guess that it would be dry?!?!??

Ironically, as Chuck was loading the car the next morning, he opened the door for 3 locals all with open cans of Coors Light in their hands. Nice.

Next stop...Monument Valley

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  1. That is too funny! :) Poor Chuck, but maybe his beer tasted better since it was "against the rules"! :)