Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cinque Terre hotel - La Torretta

In January, I started planning our summer holiday. If I had my druthers, I would have shifted our holiday dates forward a few weeks so we weren't traveling at the peak time; however we were told the summer holiday dates and we had to stick to them. That being said, finding hotels that weren't already booked and didn't cost a fortune was going to be a bit of a challenge...but who ever said I didn't like a good challenge?!?!?!

After some searching, I stumbled upon La Torretta in Manarola (Cinque Terre, Italy). It received wonderful reviews and after spending 4 days there, I know why!

Upon arrival, Gabriele (the owner) welcomed us with prosecco and melon on the terrace. While we were enjoying the amazing view, he brought our luggage up to our room (the design suite, room #2). Each evening from 5-7 he hosts a little cocktail party with wine, prosecco, juices, and water...and some very yummy appetizers. In the morning, he greets you with juice, then coffee, tea, cappucino, and a light breakfast. In between, you can find a minibar filled with nonalcoholic beverages for your enjoyment.

La Torretta has 15 rooms of varying sizes and decor. I don't think any two rooms are the same. Our room was really 3 rooms (bedroom, bathroom, sitting room) and had a small oceanview balcony. We had flat panel tvs in all three rooms, a large jacuzzi tub, ipod docking station, cd player, coffee maker, air conditioner, etc.

I can't say enough about La Torretta and Gabriele. He really cares about his guests and is quite helpful. He'll make restaurant reservations for you, give suggestions on things to do or routes to take, look to see if a dress shop is open, and ask you if you are enjoy Cinque Terre or what you did today....all while bringing you a glass of red wine and snacks that look too good to eat.

Here's a picture of our bedroom and the view...

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