Friday, July 24, 2009

Chuck (kind of) learns to cook

We spent a half day at Castello di Oliveto just outside Castelfiorentino. I always thought a cooking class in Tuscany would be a fun experience and the time at Castello di Oliveto did not disappoint. I even convinced Chuck that he should join me for the experience. I know…Chuck cooking something other than pancakes and popcorn would be a bit of a miracle.

Our class was held in a real castle (ancient manor) of the Pucci family, built in the 1400s, in which 3 Popes (Pope Clemente VII and Leone X, Pope Paolo III) actually spent the night. It is currently a working agriturism site that has rental apartments, is a location for weddings and parties, and produces several different wines, grappas, and olive oils.

Our menu included: liver pate canapes, mushroom canapes, zucchini and cheese canapes, fresh pici (noodles), ravioli and tortellini, ragout sauce, stuffed zucchini and tomatoes, and cantuccini cookies....and yes, I have the recipes, so be prepared to be wowed (or extremely disappointed in my lack of cooking abilities)!

Donatella, our master chef was such fun in the kitchen and trying to figure out what she was saying (my Italian is terrible, but my Spanish is pretty good) added to the fun. Valentina, our host for the day, also helped in the kitchen and with the translation.

A few pictures...

I think the stuffed tomatoes and zucchini (yes, they are round) were my favorites!

See, he can take direction :) Chuck is working on the pasta for the ravioli.

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  1. What an incredible experience! If I were taking a cooking class, I would definitely vote for having it in ITALY!!!