Saturday, December 1, 2007

New to Blogs?

Welcome to all the first time bloggers and welcome to the Roamin-eskos blog. Here's a quick summary of the blog layout.

  • Pictures and slide shows are located on the right. Just click on the link and the slideshow will start. Click the back arrow on the top tool bar to go back to the blog.

  • To click on a montage, which is located as a blog entry, click on the green arrow. You may have to click it twice. The montage will play the pictures as a slideshow and includes music.

  • The most recent blog entries will be on the first page.

  • You can read previous entries by looking at the 'Blog Archive' to the right.

  • You can add comments (please do) to each of the blog entries, by clicking on the 'comments' text underneath a post. You can type in your comment in the box. You don't have to register to leave a comment. Under 'Identity' just click the button next to Anonymous. Click 'Publish your comment'. Comments aren't private, so everyone visiting the blog will be able to read it.

  • Soon, I'll be posting a little game called, Where in the World are the Romensko's roamin'? I'll post a few pictures and give some clues, then under comments feel free to guess. I'll post the answer in a subsequent post.

Happy blogging.

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