Friday, December 7, 2007

Getting Ready for the Holidays

I'm ready for the holidays; however I must admit I didn't have much to do. Given the upcoming move to Denmark, Chuck 'gave' all my Christmas stuff to my sister Kasey. I prefer to think that we 'lent' them to her and maybe someday I'll see my stuff again. 2 trees, hundreds of snowmen ornaments, christmas dishes, and all my other decorating items are boxed up.

So, this year my Christmas prep didn't consist of much! I did make my usual Christmas chocolates (on a smaller scale than usual)...much to Chuck's disappointment...although he did help with the turtles. It is definitely a 2-person job. We only made 400 turtles this year, a heck of a lot less than last year's 800+! I even got him to help out with peanut butter balls, hazelnut truffles, almond toffee, and pretzels. The trade off? I had to make fried oysters, the candy. Bet you don't know what they are. White nouget filling, coated with chocolate and crushed peanuts.
Let the craziness begin. I'm ready for Christmas!

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