Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How expensive is Norway????

Bergen is so darn expensive that when you get your receipt from the ATM, they don't say, "Have a great day." They say....

They know you'll be back.

  • A 12-16oz bottle of Diet Coke costs anywhere from 25NOK ($4) to 39NOK ($6.50).

  • Dinner for two (nothing fancy and only one alcoholic drink) costs about 400-500NOK ($70-85).

  • A can of Hansa beer (local...not an import) is 84NOK ($12)

  • A beautiful Fosse sweater will set you back 1200NOK ($200).


  1. I love that--- not... SEE YOU AGAIN, but SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!!!

  2. LOL. I lived in Norway for a year and wouldn't want to return there again (short business trips where everything is billed into company card is still OK ;)