Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What's with the title Roamin' esko ?

Marrying into the Romenesko family and getting the new last name was a challenge. Schultz was so much easier and no one ever called me something else. It's common to hear various pronounciations.....ro man ow ski, ro meski, ro men ski, you get the point. Email addresses typically include some portion of your last name. It was very common for people to email me at work (or so they thought) and it never arrived. I wonder why? Perhaps a misspelling?!?!? At my very first City of Janesville City Council meeting, I was introduced as Holly Romenski. Talk about embarrassing.

So, at my farewell party at the City of Janesville, the always clever and hilarious Leisure Services staff came up with the Roamin' eskos. Chuck and I are always traveling and it does kind of sound like Romenesko. So...that's how and why I decided to name the blog the roamin' eskos.

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