Monday, January 6, 2014

Butterfly House and Nature Conservatory in Key West

The afternoons were so hot and humid that we needed a bit of a break, so we headed into the Key West Butterfly House and Nature Conservatory.   It's located on Duval Street, closer to the Southernmost Point, not all the restaurants.

I love butterflies; however butterflies are more attracted to Chuck than they are to me.  It is supposed to be good luck to have a butterfly land on you.  As we (slowly) walked through the butterfly house, Chuck continually attracted butterflies.  Perhaps it was his khaki shorts that reminded them of wood....err a tree or maybe he smelled sweet.  Every time I turned around another butterfly was perched on his shoulder, his pants, the camera bag.  I think he has all the luck needed for awhile!

The deets:  1316 Duval Street; Open 9-5; admission is about $12; however you can find discount coupons, for a few dollars off, in the travel magazines located throughout town.

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