Friday, November 13, 2009

Cappellari Bis, Apartment Rental in Rome Italy - Review

Note: I have been holding off on posting this review in the hopes of some sort of resolution from Sleep in Italy. My correspondence has gone unanswered and unacknowledged.

While in Rome, Italy we stayed at Cappellari Bis , located just of Campo Fiori, which is a great location! I did a ton of research and worked with a woman named Gulia at Sleep in Italy . She was quite friendly and answered all of my questions. Well, that's the extent of the positives.

The apartment was just ok. When we arrived, a gentleman met us, walked us through the apartment, gave us the keys, and then was on his way.

The downfalls...a washing machine that didn't spin, so clothes were soaking wet; a homeowner who didn't pay the electric bill, so no electricity for 2 days; a kitchen where only one appliance could be running or the breakers flipped, so no microwave and oven at the same time (talk about a pain in the butt when it comes to cooking!); rooms with hardly any light and most had these lampshades and bulb surrounds in crazy colors (red) that did not lend themselves to emitting any light; no toilet paper; no soap; a TV with 3 channels.

The management company, Sleep in Italy was anything but helpful and when we had no electricity, due to nonpayment by the owner (from November until April!!!) they were extremely rude and condescending. As if it was our fault there was no power. And, heaven forbid we actually demand power on a rental property. How dare we! We contacted them at 11am when we noticed a 'Termination of Services' note on the door, and then subsequent no power. After waiting around for hours, we were moved to a Bed and Breakfast for 1 night, but were unable to check in until 6pm.

Sleep in Italy has yet to address our losses (over 50Euro in spoiled food and a huge cell phone bill).

Avoid this place (and management company) at all costs!


  1. Sorry to hear about your negative experience in renting apartment accommodation in Rome. A lot of the apartments here are quite old, but up keep (and the paying of bills!) must be done to keep them in a conditional suitable as vacation rentals.
    Good luck

  2. I was ready to book until I read this, sorry

  3. The good thing about renting furnished apartments is that you will feel as if you were at your own house. Service is quite good and the best thing is that you won`t have to share your breakfast with other people and have the intimacy everybody needs when they are on a trip. Last summer I travelled to Argentina and I got one of those Buenos Aires apartments which were so good that we decided to go back. The apartment was spacious and with a vintage style. I loved it.