Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Solo trip to London

***NB: It seems this one was also ready for posting (the last week of August)...but I never scheduled it!!

How can you pass up cheap airfare on Ryanair? Well, I can't.

Chuck is quite busy at work and I know he has some long days ahead of him, so in order to ease his guilt and my crabbiness, I booked a solo-midweek trip to London. How's that for logic? In all seriousness, he works a lot; not as much as in the states, but plenty of hours by Danish standards. I sense there are going to be some late nights on the horizon, so rather than have me talk about the equity and fairness issue, I am heading to London and he can have 4 evenings filled will all the work he can possibly handle.

What exactly can a girl do all by herself in London? Lots, lots, lots. And, because Chuck doesn't fancy shopping, I threw in a few stops at some little stores. Maybe you know them...Harrods, Liberty, Fortnum & Mason?

I strolled through Green Park, over to Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, and then over to Westminster Abbey. I waited in line for about 15 minutes until they opened and then stepped in and took in all it had to offer. I walked around the Parliament building and Big Ben, then a quick subway ride over to St. Paul's Cathedral. I was there in March, but Chuck wanted me to (sneak) some pictures of the phrase at the back of the cathedral. I shopped, went through Chinatown early in the morning as they were getting deliveries...did you know that they don't make anything from scratch...all the sauces come in boxes!!! I spent the afternoon in Nottinghill and had lunch at this great little shop near the subway station, but of course, can't recall the name!!

The highlight of the trip was my organized tour to the Cotswolds. I took the train to Oxford, then met up with Martin from Absolute Tours. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, even if it was overcast and then rainy. With a group of just 5 of us in a minivan, it is so convenient to quickly stop, take pictures and get personalized treatment. The large bus tours are so impersonal and really limited to their stops. There were several 'cottages' for sale in the Cotswolds. I wonder if I can get Chuck to agree on a second home for us?!?!?

Here's a link to the slideshow.

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